Our Mission

Our Mission

South African Family Relief Project would like to thank each and everyone of our awesome members on this page without you we would not have been able to do the work we do to alleviate poverty among our people. I would how ever like to ask you this. Due to the new law being passed in South Africa that any racist comment, or action will result in a fine or jail time SAFRP will take no responsibility for any racist remark, personal attack on ANY member or group on this page. Our monitors will work diligently to make sure that all such remarks are removed and the person blocked from this page. We ask you to please inbox us should you find any that our monitors have missed. Yes many folks ask us "Why do you not go back to Europe?" Why do you only assist whites, that is racist? Well here is my answer.

01. The people we assist are already living in abject poverty and they have NO means of ever leaving the country and many believe that this is their country of birth and they DO have a right to stay. There are others that would love to leave but there is NO country in the world that would take them in without them having hundreds of thousands maybe millions (if we look at the rand today) to leave.

02. Due to the over 119 race based laws prohibiting White South Africans from employment more and more families find themselves in crisis. These are NOT people who planned living on the streets! These are NOT folks who are lazy and uneducated! These are ordinary middle class, mostly blue collar workers who have lost their jobs because of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment LAW!!

03. Poverty affects ALL races in South Africa due to the failure and incompetence of a corrupt Government and we SAFRP support any person/s or Organization who assists any race group of their choice! WE ASK THAT WE ARE AFFORDED THE SAME FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION IN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES.

04. Because of these BBBEE laws some Orphanages and other institutions and camps are not compliant with the law due to the fact that they are less than 75% black. This means that there are more white children than black and the Government does NOT support nor assist such an institution with any aid. This means that our Government lets ALL the children suffer because of this LAW!! When we enter a camp, shelter or children's home etc, we give to EVERYONE no matter what race they are. I will NEVER deny a child food because of their race!

05. WE stand for the SURVIVAL and RIGHTS of our white minority group in South Africa and we pledge to make sure that our work continues in a respectful manner as it has been.